The $395 No Weight Limit Deal

How it works
  • The deal is door to port by sea. Click Here to see if your port applies to the deal
  • You purchase the boxes according to the combos below ( boxes can be found at Home Depot)
  • You email the receipt to for an up to a $25 reimbursement
  • You order a combinations by clicking on Select next to the combo.
  • We send you the labels via email
  • The labeled boxes will be picked up for an additional fee and delivered to one of our loading facilities
  • After 25-45 Days our receiving agent will contact you letting you know that your boxes have arrived
  • You will have to clear your boxes from customs and the receiving agent


Not all ports are applicable to the $395 Deal

To view applicable International Destination Ports: Click Here

To view USA Orgin Ports: Click Here



Combo  Number of Boxes Dimensions To Order
1 20 Small (S) 16x12x12" Select
2 10 Medium (M) 18x18x16" Select
3 7 Large (L) 24x18x18" Select
4 10 Small + 5 Medium (S) 16x12x12" (M) 18x18x16" Select
5 5 Small + 3 Medium + 2 Large (S) 16x12x12" (M) 18x18x16" (L) 24x18x18" Select
6 4 Small + 3 Medium + 3 Large (S) 16x12x12" (M) 18x18x16" (L) 24x18x18" Select
7 5 Medium + 3 Large (M) 18x18x16" (L) 24x18x18" Select



For assistance email us at or give us a call






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