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Freight forwarders are demanding immediate access to instant rates for shipping their products. Most local forwarders take a long time to get back with an accurate rate. Offering different shipping options speeds up the decision in making a purchase. For example, offering the client two options to ship15 boxes @ 350 lbs from NY to London; (1) By air $800.00 (2) LCL, by ocean $480.00 will empower you to sell more products.

Take full control over your shipping needs. Tap into the “Freight System” that allows you instant access to all shipping services. Whether you are in Los Angeles, Shanghai or Dubai, within seconds you’re able to manage your shipments online. Our cutting edge technology enables you to process your shipments online in few simple steps. Gain instant and free access to all freight shipping rates. Rate and book your shipment, then track all activities 24/7 online.

How it works;
  1. Input your shipping information and shipment details.
  2. Receive INSTANT quotes online for various options.
  3. Select the suitable service and price and book your shipment in minutes
  4. Full support customer service to ensure that your order is completed to your satisfaction.
All-in-one shipping calculator One quote request, in less than 30 seconds will enable to receive quotes for all services offered, including:
  1. DTD: (Door to door) using FedEx, UPS, DHL and other courier companies)
  2. DTA: (Door to Airport) using commercial airlines
  3. LCL: (Less than container load) consolidation ocean freight service
  4. FCL: (Full container load) from any zip code in the USA

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