Do I have to pay any fees for at destination?

Do I have to pay any fees for at destination?

Date: February 11, 2010

( does not profit from these destination fees)

We’ve had complaints from clients regarding paying extra charges once the shipment has arrived at Destinations. Here is a guideline of what you may expect to pay at destination.

These fees are associated with services conducted at destination. Destination agents do work hard to ensure that your documents and cargo is ready to be cleared from Customs. They have to dismantle the container and separate your shipment from the rest, store it in a Bonded Warehouse until Customs Clearance is completed. We recommend that you develop a rapport with the destination agent. Be it an airline, a steamship line or even the local FedEx, DHL or UPS agent.

Informational Guidelines on what to expect to pay at Destination:

Below please note an example of a shipment that went to France. Fees may differ from one country to another:


Dismantle Fee: MINIMUM OR APPROXIMATE = $125.00

Import Formalities : MINIMUM OR APPROXIMATE = $125.00

Bill of Lading FEE : MINIMUM OR APPROXIMATE = $55.00

Documentation: MINIMUM OR APPROXIMATE = $20.00

Customs Stamps: MINIMUM OR APPROXIMATE = $10.00

Customs Inspection: MINIMUM OR APPROXIMATE = $40.00


We try to educate our clients as much as possible before they stumble into surprises. This is, however, an informational statement and is meant to help you anticipate charges in advance. Customs duty and other related local charges that may be due on shipments that are subject to duty, including high value items, electronics, Art…etc


(Note that UEI/ does not profit from any of the destination fees.)

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