Homeshipping Guide for Import Regulations

Homeshipping Guide for Import Regulations

Import regulations and U.S. Customs have very strict rules and guidelines that must be followed, no matter where items are being shipped to or from. Every different country has its own restrictions and prohibitions on imports and exports. The U.S. has a variety of export restrictions that need to be considered, including C.O.D. shipments, explosives, firearms, money, collectible coins, hazardous waste, shipments that include live animals and plants, and others. When it comes to specific restrictions or prohibitions, every client needs to talk to their own customs officers to determine whether or not something can be shipped. In ‘country here’, the restrictions are different than anywhere else, which is why getting permission is critical for import and export shipping.

When it comes to importing and exporting from ‘country here’, you need to be aware of restrictions and prohibitions, as well as what each means. Restricted items are those which might be allowed with a license, permit, or special requests or situations, while prohibited items are ones that are absolutely not allowed to be shipped. In the U.S., for example, there are restrictions on shipping live animals, but with special circumstances, they can be shipped when approved.

Every employee that works with is TSA approved, guaranteeing that all shipments that are processed are done legally and within the regulations for ‘country here’, the U.S., or any other country that is being shipped to or from. Understanding the regulations, restrictions, and prohibitions involved in importing and exporting is our specialty, and we provide the best level of service to every customer to help with their shipping needs. For special restrictions or shipping approval, you will still need to confirm your approval with your local customs agent. has been working with U.S. customs since 1995, so the regulations and shipping guidelines are well known by all employees and members of the company. We are also able to validate titles for auto exports in all major U.S. ports, which is a service that is very useful to anyone importing or exporting vehicles to or from the U.S. Our instant shipping calculators can help to determine the exact cost for your shipping needs, no matter what you are shipping to or from ‘country here’. Our shipping services and understanding of import regulations for ‘country here’ and other countries around the world is what sets us apart from the rest. When you need importing and exporting services, has the experience, features, and services that you can count on.

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  1. Input your shipping information and shipment details.
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All-in-one shipping calculator One quote request, in less than 30 seconds will enable to receive quotes for all services offered, including:
  1. DTD: (Door to door) using FedEx, UPS, DHL and other courier companies)
  2. DTA: (Door to Airport) using commercial airlines
  3. LCL: (Less than container load) consolidation ocean freight service
  4. FCL: (Full container load) from any zip code in the USA

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