How to load a motorcycle inside a container

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How to load a motorcycle inside a container
  1. “ does not load Motorcycles in a container. encourages Self doers to pack and load themselves and save money, our goal is to provide our clients with information to help them load and secure the items.  We always recommend outsourcing professional help if you are not able to load yourself.”


    Items needed:

    1. Motorcycle ramp or a tow truck
    2. Wooden plank (if ramp is not available)
    3. 2-4 tie-downs
    4. Motorcycle covering


    Information on How to load a motorcycle inside the container

    1. Place the container to a clear location where the tailgate can be opened and the motorcycle loaded in back.  Clear space for the ramps or the tow truck.
    2. Try to back the truck up to a hill. This will make your ramp less steep, which would help make the loading easier.
    3. Place the ramp off the tailgate of the truck. Secure the ramp by clamping it down if possible.
    4. Make sure that it well secured before you attempt to load. If you do not have a pre-made ramp, you can use a long wooden plank for the same job. You can buy from Home Depot
    5. Again, security is the most important thing to keep in mind in every step
    6. If you have the proper Ramps, you may carefully ride the motorcycle up the ramp into the container. If you are using a wooden plank, secure the planks by using the help of another person.
    7. Don’t leave any gas in the gas tank, disconnect the battery, and stand the motorcycle in the space available
    8. Use tie-downs to secure the motorcycle against the hooks that are available at the bottom of the container. Tie down the bike and make sure that the motorcycle is tied tightly.
    9. Also make sure there is no bounce or play
    10. If you have enough bodies, usually the best is to just pick it up and roll it on. Do not attempt to modulate clutch and throttle while ramping. 
    11. If you have enough bodies, usually the best is to just pick it up and roll it on.
    12. Again with enough people you can support and roll it up the ramp.
    13. Unless if you are using the tow truck as your ramp, then you may just roll straight in, since the tow truck is the usually the same height as the container.
    14. The best way to secure it is with a chock for the front tire and tie-downs. Wall mart and Target carry straps and tie downs that are made for motorcycles.

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