Seeds - Importing Seeds from the US

Importing Seeds from USA

In 1992 we delivered the first seeds shipment from the USA to Auckland New Zealand. Since then we have helped hundreds of Seeds Suppliers move their seeds products to worldwide destinations. Our site will help the importer determine which shipping service is more suitable to his/her need.

Importing seeds from the USA can be done without the need to travel to the USA. After you’ve established a relationship with the supplier, you need to find a reliable shipping service to move your shipments from the supplier or suppliers in the USA to your destination. Sometimes, the supplier will recommend a shipping company to handle your shipment, and you may feel that would be your only choice.It’s not!!

Here are four tips to watch for when choosing your freight forwarder:
  1. What License do they have?
    • FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) Government Body
    • IATA (International Aviation Transportation Agency)
    • FAA – TSA approved
  2. How long have the company been in business. Typically, a freight forwarder who has been in business for over 10 years, shows more knowledge and stability as new comers
  3. Are they fully automated? In other words, can you track and trace your shipments on they system 24/7
  4. Finally, do they have an office or an agent at the destination countries?

Each shipment needs a commercial invoice and a certificate of origin to complete the export formalities, many countries require additional documents. Usually, Murad Medical generates the commercial invoice and the packing list for their products, yet, sometimes, we consolidate these shipments together with another shipment for two purposes:

  • Ship all consolidated products as one shipment to save money
  • Generate ONE consolidated invoice based on the different suppliers.
  • For example, Saudi Arabia requires SASO for most cosmetic shipments. This is a detailed process that involves identifying and registering each individual product into their system. Australia requires an import license form the ministry of health as well as GST duty for, which assesses the duty on the products. UAE, however, only requires a proper commercial invoice and a certificate of origins.

    With over 32 CFS warehouses in the USA, we cover every single point in the USA including Hawaii and Alaska. Our service includes, designating a qualified representative to be your personal point of contact.

    Once the order is confirmed, we will contact the Murad and ensure that shipment is ready. If not, we will report to you on a daily basis via telephone or email why the shipment is not ready. We will then dispatch the proper truck to pick up your shipment, bring it back to our warehouse. Our warehouse team will obtain the exact weight and size of the shipment; forward the information electronically to your rep to enable the rep to calculate the shipping cost. is the only site that generates instant rates for all Murad Products from anywhere in the USA to your destination. The site will help the importer determine which shipping service is more suitable to his/her need. Our website has been a shipping guide to thousands of importers. It is a great selling tool. Clients who have used our website are able to provide their clients with instant rates instead of two days later.

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