International Student Shipping Estimate

Boxes has been helping international Students move their books, and personal belongings form the USA to over 220 countries. There are remarkable new ways that are being used to control the shipping cost for International Students. has developed a new website to help Students in general and International Students in Particular who are living in the USA and plan one day to move back home to control their shipping cost.

Some International Student like to receive their rates with a more personalize touch and request their rates by filling up a short form online giving the description of the shipment. Once the form has been completed, it automatically goes to our pricing team where they will: (1) review the form to make sure it was completed accurately, (2) enter the information into our instant shipping calculators, (3) analyze the information and compare the results, (4) create tailored shipping rates just for that unique International Student’s request and; (5) finally present you with these tailored shipping rates for review. Should any of our tailored results make sense to the International Student, we’ll be happy to implement them, if not, then at least we have given the International Student an idea of what to expect. The rate analysis is complimentary. It’s is our way to say we are serious about what we do, and would be happy to work with you, now or in the future. gives students full control over quoting, booking and processing shipments online. You can instantly generate shipping rates FOR DIFFERENT SHIPPING MODES. When shipping abroad, be sure to plan well in advance and compare rates. has been a shipping guide for international students since 1995.

How does it work?
  1. Complete the shipment details.
  2. Generate the quote and select the desired service
  3. Make your payment SECURELY online, and print your labels.

Which Calculator do I use?

Courier and Air
Freight Shipping Calculator
Door to Airport
Shipping Calculator
Ground Service
Shipping Calculator
Ocean Freight (LCL)
Freight Shipping Calculator
Ocean Freight (FCL)
Shipping Calculator
International Auto Transport
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