International Students Shipping Specialist

Boxes has been helping international Students move their books, and personal belongings form the USA to over 220 countries. There are remarkable new ways that are being used to control the shipping cost for International Students. has developed a new website to help Students in general and International Students in Particular who are living in the USA and plan one day to move back home to control their shipping cost.

Let me tell you why we created this program. We’ve found that International Students are continually frustrated by not being able to get the most out of their money. Frustrated by paying higher shipping rates that they have to. By working with shipping companies who don’t seem to know what they’re doing. By shipping with a company that doesn’t seem to have their best interest at heart!

These things have personally frustrated me when I was an International Student, and still frustrating other International Students today. That’s why has created this shipping-controlling system that makes it possible for International Students to receive the most preferential treatment in shipping their books, furniture, projects, autos, documents and other belongings while paying the least for it. Though it may sound too good to be true, let me please explain how we propose to go about doing that for the International Students. is designed to do three things for International Students:

First, it enables us to know what specifically bothers the International Students about shipping their belongings. Because we know that shipping has to be personally tailored to each and every one of our students. In order to do that we empowered the International Students by receiving four instant shipping results detailing shipping methods that the International Students may not have thought about. By answering few questions about the shipment’s details, we are well on our way to helping the International Student get what he wants. Once you have answered these questions, the system will instantly generate several shipping rates (Domestic USA and International) from any zip code in the USA to destinations worldwide. By doing so, the International Student is going to: (1) be on the inside of the shipping winners circle with people who are in the know; (2) use money wisely when shipping belongings; and (3) gain full control over their shipping needs. is a licensed FMC (Federal Maritime Commission (Government Body), NVOCC (Non vessel operating common carrier), and IATA (International Air Transport Association). We have been moving International Student’s belongings since 1995. Our service is inclusive of US customs documentation, certificate of origin, and AES filing. gives students full control over quoting, booking and processing shipments online. You can instantly generate shipping rates FOR DIFFERENT SHIPPING MODES. When shipping abroad, be sure to plan well in advance and compare rates. has been a shipping guide for international students since 1995.

How does it work?
  1. Complete the shipment details.
  2. Generate the quote and select the desired service
  3. Make your payment SECURELY online, and print your labels.

Which Calculator do I use?

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