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Do You Know what your International Movers are up to?

Do you know what your international movers are up to after they leave your house with all of your worldly goods? Do you know where your things are at every step along the journey? With most moving companies the answer is ‘no’. It is almost as if your goods enter limbo where they will remain for weeks or even months before you receive word of their arrival on the distant shore. It can be disconcerting in the least to have no idea where your personal effect are, what conditions they are being kept in, and who might be opening boxes along the way.

With you will never have that worry. takes its responsibility towards your household goods very seriously. From the moment our international movers arrive at your house they will be taking extra care to pack everything so that it will survive transit across the ocean intact. A careful packing list will be generated so that you know which items are in what box, and all customs declarations and paperwork will be filled out effectively to ease the transition on the other shore. When the truck pulls away from your house our care of your goods is just beginning.

Your goods will be carefully loaded into a container and that container will be secured on a cargo ship. international movers have relationships with numerous cargo companies and only choose to ship with companies of high reputation and good seafaring safety records. Now, here is the best part – you will be able to trace the movement of your shipment online up until the day of delivery. If your ship is delayed by storms, you will know it. If they make it into port 3 days ahead of schedule you will know that too. Being able to track your shipment takes the uncertainty out of waiting for your goods.

Knowing what your international movers are up to – and where in the world your household goods are, provides an amazing sense of security. No more waiting by the phone for word on your shipment. It is a rare thing when a company operates with this level of openness and disclosure. Say no to movers who are willing to leave you in limbo for weeks or even months. Discover a new way of moving overseas, full disclosure moving with online progress tracking – just one of the reasons that should be your moving company.

How does it work?
  1. Complete the shipper, receiver and shipment’s details.
  2. Generate the quote and select the desired service
  3. Make your payment SECURELY online, and print your labels.

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