Moving My Personal Items

How do I go about Moving My Personal Items?

For students going abroad for a semester’s or a year’s studies the question is often ‘how do I go about moving my personal items?’ Unlike the moving of an entire household, a student’s belongings can often be fitted into a few cartons - too many to ship on the airplane (without paying outrageous charges), too few to warrant calling a traditional moving company. In cases like this it is best to contact an international shipping company that has experience with shipments of all sizes. is one such company. They have a global network of shipping providers that allow for a choice of options for their customers. offers a simple online estimation worksheet that will return your estimated cost of shipping within minutes via email. The site employs specially designed software that will calculate your estimate, give you a choice of service and carriers - it will confirm booking and print a confirmation for you. After the packages ship, you can track their progress online as well. You ask ‘how do I go about moving my personal items?’ And we answer, via All in all there isn’t an easier, more convenient way to get your boxes to your new location.

Studying abroad is a marvelous opportunity where you will get a chance to learn many new things, but many students would place ‘moving my personal items’ on the list of their least favorite things about it. Rarely do students have cars, so when shipping numerous boxes provides door to airport service to relieve you of the need to lug the boxes about in a taxi or on the bus. And you can book the return shipment online as well which means that in the confusion of the semester’s or academic year’s end you won’t need to scramble for moving arrangements to get your things home.

The year ahead will hold many surprises for you, but the worry over how to accomplish ‘moving my personal items’ is not one. With there are no surprises. We have trained shipping specialists who can help ensure that your boxes arrive where you need them, when you need them, and that they’ll be returned home when your stint abroad is finished. You have enough to worry about with a new culture to learn and a new University to navigate. Choose to ship with and you will have one less thing to worry about.

How does it work?
  1. Complete the shipment details.
  2. Generate the quote and select the desired service
  3. Make your payment SECURELY online, and print your labels.

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