Shipping cars to Dubai

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Shipping cars is an immense process. To make it easier, it is crucial to know the procedures and documents needed before shipping. For example, shipping certain models of new cars requires permission from officials in Dubai. In addition, certain models of cars may not be suitable for Dubai weather. You must also understand that there are duties to be paid well in advance to ensure smooth shipping. At you can choose any shipment method out of the various methods available for shipping cars to Dubai. It can be done in a container, or it can be shipped on “roll on roll off” method, depending on the distance of shipment and preference of the person.

Procedure for shipping cars to Dubai is here to assist you in all you need to know before you ship cars to Dubai. There are some general procedures you have to follow while shipping. The first step is the process of evaluating the shipped car by a customs official. This helps in determining the exact market value of the shipped car and thereby to calculate the duty to be paid on the car. The next step after paying the duty of the shipped car is to proceed to get a local license for the shipped car. This could be obtained by applying for the Dubai Traffic Police. In Dubai, cars drive on the right hand side of the road. Before shipping cars to Dubai it is wise to check whether the specification of the car follows the rules of shipment. For example, dark tinted windows are not allowed on shipped cars.

Documents needed while shipping cars to Dubai

There are various documents that must be kept handy when shipping cars to Dubai. Some of the crucial documents, for example, are the delivery order and original trade documentation. It is also essential to get all these originals need to be presented when shipping cars to Dubai. To claim the shipped cars, Dubai customs require all the above mentioned documents as well as a copy of the passport of the importer. If you are shipping a car, it is necessary to obtain an NOC , also knows as “No objection Certificate”. The NOC should be issued by an official of the government or from The Ministry of Finance and industry. These requirements are essential to follow irrespective of car type.

Duties and Custom Fee to be paid while shipping cars to Dubai

After customs officials determine the market value of the shipped car, the duty to be paid for the car is set at five percent of the market value calculated.

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