Shipping a car checklist

  1. Keys: Make sure you have a complete set of keys for your car shipper (ignition, trunk and glove box keys). This is also a requirement from the DOT. In the event that the driver is questioned, this will keep him in compliance with the all transport regulation.
  2. Car Phones, GPS systems and Electronics: Do not leave your Car phones and, GPS systems or any other electronics in your car.
  3. Antenna: Remove your Antenna and store it in the trunk or in a safe place, and remember to lower your retractable antennas to ensure they donít break.
  4. Luggage rack: Do not store anything on the luggage rack.
  5. Gas Level; Gas level should be less than a quarter tank.
  6. Personal Items: You may not store any personal items for cars moving RO/RO, however, you may, you may however do so, if your car is being shipped inside a container.
  7. Full car inspection report: Make sure you ask the person who receives your car at the warehouse to get a car inspection report. Keep an eye for any dents and scratches, including cracked glass. All exterior and interior defects should be noted at origin and destination.
  8. Take pictures: Take pictures of the car, right when you deliver it to us.
  9. Keys: make sure that you give us one key and keep one key with you.
  10. Wash your car: Washing your car is important. It itemizes the details of your vehicles condition during initial inspection.
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